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Item # :  BB001
Description:  Glass Beads & Abalone Points
Size:     7-1/2 Inches
Weight:   25.3  grams  
Made from:  Clear and Purple Crackle Glass
                        Beads and Abalone Points
               With Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp
Price:  $32.00
Item # :  BB002 
Description:  Sterling Silver & Glass Beads
Weight:   8.3   grams 
Made from:   Multi-Colored Square  Glass Beads
                         and Sterling Silver Beads
                         With Magnet Clasp
Price:  $20.00
Item # :  BB003
Description:    Black, Silver & Clear
Size:       6-1/4" x 1"
Weight:   11.9  grams  
Made from:   Black, Silver & Clear Delica Glass
                       With Sterling Silver Toggle clasp
Price:  $58.00
Item # :   BB004  
Description:   Lite & Dark Purple  
Size:      6-1/2" x 1/2"
Weight:    6.3   grams  
Made from:   Lite Purple & Dark Metalic Purple
                        Delica Glass Beads
                       With Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp
Price:  $48.00
Item # :  
Size:      mm
Weight:     grams
Made from:
Price:   $
Item # :      
Size:      x   mm  (Each)
Weight:        grams   (For the pair)
Made from:  
Item # :     
Size:       x    mm   (Each)
Weight:         grams   (For the pair)
Made from:  
                         With Sterling Silver Clasp
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